YAMVENTURES is a blog website created by Anj and Kevin about their lives, travels, tips, and opinions that their readers might have interest on. With this, the authors can be able to impart all their life learnings and experiences to their readers and visitors that will be essential for their future travels. This is also a place where they could express what they think about anything under the sun. 

YAMVENTURES is also a tour coordinator in Taiwan that helps travelers arrange their trip to make the most out of their Taiwan Journey.  The site features the following:

  • Taiwan Blog: We are currently living in Taiwan so most of our blogposts will be about this country. This includes various topics from its places, suggested itineraries, culture, food, sceneries, and many more. 
  • Travels: There are a lot of places to explore in the world and we will be sharing some of the wonderful places we’ve been to and what they can offer to its locals and tourists as well.
  • Tour Packages: This is where travelers book their affordable and hassle-free tour with us consisting of amazing places and destinations that Taiwan has to offer.
  • Videos: This is a collection of the fun videos about ourselves and song covers that we made for entertainment purposes only. Readers and visitors can also expect some of our travel videos and vlogs in this page.
  • Explore more!: All the itineraries, food trips and random stories of our experiences as we journey our life will be featured here.

We will be grateful if you can leave your comments and suggestions in CONTACT US on how can we make you more engaged and more interested to this website.


Kevin Dagatan

A “YES Man”, as what most of his friends described him. He always say the magic word “YES” every time people asks him a favor, may it be convenient or not for him as long as he is not hurting anyone.

Kevin is a multi talented guy. He enjoys playing the piano and guitar a lot. He is the current chairman, and the pianist of a Church in Taiwan and ever since in his high school years, he already served the church as pianist and choir trainer.

He is from a family of four with a younger brother, who is in the film making industry, and with entrepreneur parents. Right after graduating college in Cebu, Philippines, he pursued an MBA degree in Taiwan.

Right now, Kevin is employed as an International Sales Representative in a Pharmaceutical company in Taiwan and had been to a number of countries for exhibits and conferences.

During his free time, he loves taking photographs and web designing as well. With this blog, join Kevin as he explores the world with nothing more than a camera on his hands.


Anj Yap

A definite adjective that most people she knew describe her is a “Talkative” girl. She talks nonstop as long as there are people who are still listening to her. She never gets out of words or topic to say!

If Kevin is a musically-inclined type of person, Anj is the exact opposite. She doesn’t know how to play any kinds of musical instruments and is always out of tune in singing. But on the other hand, she loves to create artworks with photos, from making scrapbooks to editing photos and videos.

Anj is blessed with a loving and supportive family that’s always there for her through her ups and downs in life. Being the eldest of her four sisters, she never fails to support them in every way she can.

Currently, Anj is working as a Marketing Specialist in a Mobile Game Industry in Taiwan. This field is very new to her, but with her creative spirit, she is eager to explore out of her comfort zone and ready to take on the challenges that her position might entail her to do so.


“Every Adventure Counts”

“Every Adventure Counts”, as we always tell ourselves while we are still able to travel and explore the world. It has been always our dream to travel because by traveling, we can learn new things and culture. Life is a continuous learning process where we still seek to discover more of ourselves and the world where we live in.

As we take on every adventure in our lives, we are becoming the better versions of ourselves. We learn to challenge and push ourselves to not just settle for what is less, but pursue to do the best.

As quoted from an unknown writer, “Life only comes around once, so do what makes you happy and be with whoever makes you smile.” After all, the greatest reward you can give to yourself is your own happiness.

Be a wanderer of your own journey!