It’s Official! Filipinos Can Now Enter Taiwan Visa-Free!

It was just early this year that there are speculations that Taiwan will become a Visa Free Country to all Philippine Passport holders starting June 1st. Unfortunately, due to some incomplete administrative procedures and lack of inter-agency coordination, it was further postponed to September.

When September  came, the postponement period is extended to an unknown date due to the Marawi incident in the Philippines. Until early October, the Taiwan government announced that the Visa-Free grant has already been approved yet no further information was given.

Today, October 16, 2017, the TECO OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED that Taiwan will start the VISA FREE ENTRY to all FILIPINOS who would like to stay up to 14 days in Taiwan from November 1st until July 31st of next year on a trial basis. For those who are planning to stay in Taiwan for more than 14 days or for the purpose of study, work, missionary, employment, and other gainful activities are still required to obtain appropriate visa before entering the said country.

According to TECO, A Filipino visa-free visitor must meet the following requirements:

  • An ordinary/regular passport with remaining validity of at least six months from the date of entry (Diplomatic & official passport holders are not eligible for visa-free treatment) ;
  • A return ticket or a ticket for the traveller’s next destination and a visa for that destination if it is required;
  • No criminal record in Taiwan;
  • A proof of accommodation (hotel) booking or host/sponsor’s contact information /or arrangements of tour, travel, visit, events and meeting etc.

In return of granting this favor to all Filipinos, Dr. Lin, Taiwan Representative to the Philippines, would also like to urge the Philippine Government and MECO to reciprocate the visa free entry to all Taiwan nationals. Dr. Lin emphasizes that, “Through these significant efforts, we will surely enhance our bilateral tourism, economic, cultural, educational and other areas of cooperation and exchanges which will eventually bring mutual benefits to the peoples of Taiwan and the Philippines.”

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