7 Remarkable Places to Visit in Tamsui

Tamsui/Danshui District is located in the Northern part of Taiwan and is 45 minutes away through MRT from the Taipei Main Station. Its name is derived from “淡 (dàn)” which means fresh and “水 (shuǐ)” for water since the place is surrounded by a river. Just like any other districts in Taiwan, Tamsui District also has a lot of tourist spots to offer to all locals and travelers that come to visit.

So let’s start!

From Taipei Main Station you can take the MRT Red Line going to Tamsui. It costs around 40NTD for a 45-minute ride.


1. Fort San Domingo

Located on a hilltop that provides a picturesque view of the Tamsui River is Fort San Domingo that was originally built by the Spanish in 1628 during their occupation in Taiwan which served as their wall and defense during war. This is considered as Tamsui’s most prominent monument. The Fort was nicknamed as Hong Mao Chen (紅毛城) which means “red hair fortress”.

Upon entering Fort San Domingo, you can come across its souvenir shop that sells very cute stuffs at reasonable prices.

How to get there: From Tamsui MRT Station you can ride Bus Numbers# F112, 836, 837, 857, 870, 872, 873, 880, 883, 1504, 1505, and R26 and take off at “Fort San Domingo” or “Aletheia University”.
Entrance Fee: The admission fee of 80NTD also admits entrance in Hobe’s Fort and Custom’s Residence House/Little White House.


2. Aletheia University / Oxford College

Upon exiting Fort San Domingo, you will see directions going to Aletheia University. This is one of the oldest institutions in Taiwan and was originally named as Oxford College way back in 1882 that has characteristics of traditional Chinese architecture with a symmetrical structure. The school was founded by Dr. Mackay who used to preach Taiwanese people outdoors until he felt the urge to build a school of his own.

How to get there: From Fort San Domingo, you can just walk straight to the school. Directions along the way are given.
Entrance Fee: FREE


3. Tamkang Senior High School

The school was also founded by Dr. George Leslie Mackay which is the first school for girls and prides a museum highlighting philanthropic works. The school also houses a fully operational rugby field which is home of their award winning rugby team. This landmark attracts thousands of tourists from afar and some of the scenes of Jay Chou’s “Secret” were also filmed here. The brilliant hues of red and white buildings were designed by Japanese architects that serve as timeless monuments with a touch of modern styles.

How to get there: A 2-minute walk from the main (front) gate of Aletheia University
Entrance Fee: FREE


4. Custom’s Residence House/Little White House

This is also one of the historical landmarks in Tamsui. In the 1860’s, foreign officers that were appointed as customs reside in this colonial style white mansion. It has a white outer walls, a terrace with a superb view, a veranda with arched columns, and a vintage fireplace. The building has a square lay-out with a splendid view of the Tamsui River and Mt. Guanyin. The place is often a popular spot for pre-wedding photoshoots.

How to get there: This is just right in front of Tamkang Senior Highschool.
Entrance Fee: The admission fee of 80NTD also admits entrance in Hobe’s Fort and Fort San Domingo.


5. Hobe’s Fort

The Fort boasts a history of more than a century with has thick earthen walls, massive gates, steep steps to its ramparts to deter intruders. 

If Fort San Domingo is meant to convey authority, Hobe’s Fort was built for military action. The Fort was never used in any wars and is well preserved with secret tunnels for exhibition purposes.

 There is also a park nearby the Hobe’s Fort where you can take a rest and breathe fresh air while enjoying the scenic view.

How to get there: It is a 1-kilometer walk from Fort San Domingo
Entrance Fee: The admission fee of 80NTD also admits entrance in Custom’s Residence House and Fort San Domingo.


6. Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

The Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the must visit spots in Taiwan. It is well known for its beautiful sunsets, fresh seafoods, and scenic views. Through the years, the wharf has gone renovations which already include new buildings, hotels, restaurants, and the famous 196-meter Lover’s Bridge which illuminates with a variety of colors at night.

How to get there: From Tamsui MRT Station or just outside Fort San Domingo, take bus R26, 836, or 857 towards Fisherman’s Wharf
Entrance Fee: FREE


7. Tamsui Old Street

Tamsui Old Street is a boardwalk-like place that is full of roadside stalls which sells fried and grilled sea foods and fresh fruit drinks, carnival games, and cafes. As you walk along the street, you will also be entertained by street performers that will surely catch your attention.

If you are a food lover, then this is a place to be. Nothing tastes better than the signature local dishes that are rich in flavor and character.
How to get there: It is a 5-minute walk from the Tamsui MRT Station. Be sure you to get out in Exit 1.
Entrance Fee: FREE

Taiwan is a truly remarkable country to visit, we have cherry blossoms, colorful flowers, and now Tamsui. To know more about exploring Taiwan, don’t forget to subscribe. ♥

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Hi, nice article. I think you can add at least one thing, that is Tamsui Cultural Park. When you go out from the MRT station go towards the riverside, but NOT to the right like everybody else, but instead go to the left. Very few people know that there is an old Shell depot converted into a Cultural Park with beautiful red tile old buildings with coffee shops, boutiques and exhibitions. And all in peace and quiet without big crowds and noise. I had a nice 80 NTD cappuccino with relaxing piano music in the background at 211coffee, https://www.facebook.com/211coffee/ Next… Read more »

Thank you Esaias! I think we pass through this Tamsui Cultural Park and we just missed it out in this article. Don’t worry, maybe in our future article, we will feature this Tamsui Cultural Park. Thank you for the information. 🙂


Great post and nice pictures. Taiwan is straight going to my list of countries which needs to be visit.


Hi Pia! You will never regret in visiting Taiwan 🙂


Wanted to visit Taiwan for sometime now but I didn’t know that there are a lot of places to see there. Lovely photos!


Taiwan is definitely a very beautiful country with so much amazing tourist spots! 🙂

Suma | Tales of travelling sisters

Now I have another place in Taiwan apart from Taipei I would want to visit. The Hobe’s Fort and Fisherman’s Wharf are beautiful, love all your pictures.


Definitely! You should include Tamsui in your list 🙂

bhanu prakash

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Thank you, Bhanu! 🙂

Crystal Bariso

Omg! I’ll be in Taiwan thks june!! Might check Tamsui . I love your photos and thank you for sharing this!!


Oh! You will definitely enjoy Taiwan and Tamsui as well. Have fun! 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe to keep updated of our future blogs about Taiwan 🙂


Taiwan is definitely on our list this year! And this just re-confirmed it!


Goodluck on your trip to Taiwan, Amrita! Keep posted on our future blogs to discover more of Taiwan’s beauty 🙂


Lovely , very well written. Shall follow this if I happen to visit .


I appreciate how simple you write and also, your photos are so nice. Can’t wait to go to Tawian and definetelt I will check your blog again! 🙂


I was there last year in April. Love the street food. At night pack with people. The view is magnificent.


Never been to Taiwan but this post encourages me to plan a trip. The photos are also amazing xx

One and Half backpacks

I have never heard about this place, but I definitely add it on my Bucket list now 🙂 Great post, it looks like an amazing place 🙂


I have never been to Taiwan so loved your post. Hobe’s Fort and Fisherman’s Wharf sound a lot of fun ! Thanks for sharing

Danielle Jones

Great article, really stunning pictures! The Aletheia University looks really beautiful.

miguel abas jr

I love your article.. And your photos are striking, make me wanna go to Tamsui..